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JW Marriott Quito

JW Marriott is the luxury hotel brand that provides an atmosphere of elegance where our guests feel welcome and appreciated. The JW experience authentically reflects a sense of harmony and well-being offering lasting memories. Located in the heart of the capital city of Ecuador, 36.9 km from the Mariscal Sucre International Airport. Located on the famous Amazonas Avenue. For an unforgettable vacation or business trip, you can find luxury services at JW Marriott Quito.

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Congreso Eucarístico 2024, a desarrollarse en Quito, presentó su logo e himno oficial.

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Homilía de Monseñor Alfredo José Espinoza Mateus, Arzobispo de Quito y Primado del Ecuador, en el VIII Encuentro Nacional de Sacerdotes

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IEC 2024 is present in Spain

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