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Christian Formation Contents

A dream of brotherhood "You are all brothers" (Mt 23, 8)

With these words of Jesus in the Gospel of Saint Matthew, Pope Francis wanted to illuminate this 53rd International Eucharistic Congress to be held in the city of Quito, Ecuador.1 It is a phrase of the Master exhorting his disciples to take awareness of their fraternal relationship as children of the same Father."Base Document, 6"

The hope of the world

The community of believers, by divine vocation, is called to base its human relationships on the love of brothers, relationships of brotherhood that must be a sign of hope for a fragmented world."Base Document, 6"

Healing nations

The context of this Eucharistic Congress expresses the urgency of fraternity to heal the world. Different Latin American countries and other continents suffer sociopolitical breakdowns within themselves."Base Document, 6"

Healing the heart with the Eucharist

It is not only about healing the relationships between the various peoples that inhabit the face of the Earth, but about healing the wounds of the human heart that make peace and reconciliation difficult."Base Document, 7"

The little face of God, headquarters of the IEC

Quito, a city in the middle of the world, located at zero latitude, extends its tent to become an immense Eucharistic tent, where we are all invited to join this great dream of a fraternity redeemed and healed by the total love of Christ."Base Document, 9"

A wounded brotherhood "Where is your brother?" (Gen 4, 9)

This was the question that God addressed to Cain after having killed his brother. "Where is your brother Abel?" (Gen 4, 9). He asks that he came down from heaven after the scream of Abel's blood rose from the ground. He asks that he resonates eternally reminding us of the original human and all creation vocation to brotherhood."Base Document, 10"

Brotherhood in creation

From all eternity, God had the plan to create out of love and to call human beings to adoptive filiation to make them a fraternity, so that, through their mutual gift, which is the gift of the Holy Spirit , the Father's family is built in history (cf. Gen 1-2)."Base Document, 10"

Children of the father, Brothers of the world

This double vocation, to filiation and fraternity, defines us as human beings, since the identity of our being is that of being children of the same Father and brothers among ourselves."Base Document, 10"

The Fatherhood of God

Fraternity is rooted in the fatherhood of God.13 It is not a question of a generic, undifferentiated and historically ineffective fatherhood, but of a personal, punctual and extraordinarily concrete love of God for each human being (cf. Mt 6, 25 -30)."Base Document, 10"

Children of the same Father: a cosmic brotherhood

All creation maintains complete unity. That is to say, the entire cosmic community vibrates to the rhythm of the same harmony, because all creation is involved in a network of relationships woven by the freedom and goodness of each creature. "Base Document, 11"

Treasures of creation

Everything that human beings do or fail to do will have an impact on the entire creation, positively or negatively."Base Document, 11"

The echo of our actions

Every man and woman must welcome, contemplate, rejoice in this gift and guard it; he must also seek and find the Creator in the creation that is his house; and lastly, he must know and understand himself in this house."Base Document, 11"

Universal brotherhood

The vocation of all creation is universal brotherhood, since in it the plan of salvation is fulfilled."Base Document, 11"

How Temperance helps us pray

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, the Lord said one day. This means that a soul in grace has within it a very rich world, because it has the capacity to have God, One and Triune, Creator of the world, of the universe, the Lord of history.

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Mother of Jesus, who is God(‘s)

Many people during these holidays do not expect the coming of Jesus, but what they expect are gifts and fun. At Christmas, many dress up for the holidays without knowing what they are going to celebrate, because they have taken God out of the way.

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True Mother of God

Why do people forget that God is born in a portal? Perhaps they think it is absurd to be surprised by something that happened two thousand years ago.

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For Christmas

Saint Joseph and Mary had to make a four-day trip by donkey; uncomfortable, tired, eating on the way and sleeping on a mat…

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The Genuflection

Genuflection is an act of humility that expresses our faith in an authority greater than ourselves. This gesture shows respect and adherence to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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