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Messages from Saints for Easter

Saint Agustine “On Easter, a Hebrew name that means 'passage', we not only remember the death and resurrection of the Lord, but we also pass from death to life... The Church, the body of Christ, awaits to participate definitively in the victory over death , triumph already manifested in the bodily resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.” (Letter 55, 2).

Saint John Paul II

“Mary guides us in the knowledge of the mysteries of the Lord: and in the same way that in Her and with Her we understand the meaning of the cross, so also in Her and with Her we come to grasp the meaning of the resurrection, savoring the joy that comes from this experience.” (April 10, 1983)

Saint Thomas Aquinas

“Christ proved his resurrection in three ways: by sight: ‘See my hands and my feet’ (Lk 34, 39); by touch, by which he continues: touch and see, that the spirit has no flesh; for the taste: 'But as they still did not believe him and were amazed with joy, he said to them: Do you have anything to eat here?' (Ibid. 41)." (Meditations for Lent, Holy Week and Easter Season)

Saint Paul VI

“The resurrection of Christ is not only his personal triumph, but also the beginning of our salvation and therefore of our resurrection. It is now, as liberation from the first and fatal cause of our death, which is sin, detachment from the only and true source of life, which is God (Cf. Rom 4, 25; 6, 11).” (March 30, 1975)

Donate what you don't use

One of the external ways to start over is to go through the house and donate all the objects and clothes that no one uses. Go through your closet too and ask yourself: did I wear this last year? If the answer is no, donate it. Don't keep things you will never use.

Exercise body and soul

Even if you can only walk 20 minutes a day, do it! And if you can do it in the morning, even better. Even moderate exercise does wonders for our body and spirit. Hippocrates said: “If you are in a bad mood, take a walk. If you're still in a bad mood, take another walk.”

Disconnect – be silent

We live immersed in noise, in constant sound stimuli and glued to our phones. But our souls need spaces of silence to breathe and find clarity and peace. So, take some time to disconnect.

Read something spiritual

Reading a good spiritual book can help you start a new conversation with God. Just five minutes of spiritual reading before turning out the lights at night can be enough to stimulate your mind and feed your soul.

How to live Easter better?

Maintain joy, the daily encounter with the risen Christ is the source of a joyful heart. We remember this every day with the Regina Coeli prayer: 'Rejoice, Queen of Heaven, Hallelujah, for he is truly risen, Hallelujah.'

Be grateful

It is key at this time to deeply thank Jesus, because he made the ultimate sacrifice for our redemption. Being grateful to God is a sometimes infrequent and very necessary form of prayer.

Serve others

Go out of our way for others, follow the example that Christ gave us during Holy Week. It is a good time to begin some commitment to collaborate in you parish.

Rediscover Sunday

Sunday is the day that gives meaning to each week we live and the heart of that day is the Eucharist. Our life becomes beautiful when we live it in friendship with God, without pacts with evil.

Cultivate hope

God's victory over evil is definitive, because Christ has defeated sin, death, and evil. For this reason, it is important to have the certainty of hope.

Can I participate in the Congress?

Who participates in an International Eucharistic Congress

Can I participate in the Congress?

Any person interested in deepening, reflecting upon and increasing their love for the Eucharist

Can I participate in the Congress?

People who wish to seel for paths that make “fraternity to save the world” come true

Can I participate in the Congress?

Laity, priests, bishops, those who are consecrated and religious are invited to participate.

Ecuador as the site of the IEC 2024

Pope Francis chose Ecuador to celebrate the 53rd International Eucharistic Congress in 2024

Ecuador as the site of the IEC 2024

The reason is because it is the 150th anniversary since the Consecration of Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Ecuador as the site of the IEC 2024

The event will take place in the city of Quito at the Quito Metropolitan Convention Center

Ecuador as the site of the IEC 2024

Quito, a world heritage city declared by UNESCO in 1973, makes it a tourist destination of choice.

Let's understand fraterniy from faith

Fraternity is an essential dimension of man, who is a rational being. Awareness of this leads us to see and treat others as true brothers and sisters.

Let's understand fraterniy from faith

Fraternity is rooted in the fatherhood of God. It is not about a generic or undifferentiated fatherhood, but about a personal and concrete love (cf. Mt 6, 25 – 30)

Let's understand fraterniy from faith

Fratnernity has been regenerated in and through Jesus Christ with his death and resurrection. The cross is the definitive “place” where fraternity is founded.

Let's understand fraterniy from faith

Fraternity is recognized in love. The sign by which everyone will know that they are my disciples will be that they love one another (cf. Jn 13, 34 – 35)

Let's understand fraterniy from faith

Fraternity in the church makes us need each other, because we have been given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ, for common good (cf. Eph 4, 7-25)

Let's understand fraterniy from faith

Fraternity needs to be discovered, loved, experienced, announced and witnessed.

Let's understand fraterniy from faith

But only the love given by God allows us to fully welcome and live fraternity.