Christmas is a time to strive to look more to Jesus Christ. Focus your senses, also contemplate with your ears. Cecause children, above all, are heard. He came to Earth to suffer and the first thing he did was surely cry. Because that’s what all newborns do.

The Word of God, the Word, the most perfect Image of God, who came to speak to us with all of his Wisdom, the first thing he did is cry: The Word of God cries in a stable. Something supernatural that makes this night different.

It could seem illogical: A God who cries and also comes to begin his mission in the environment of a stable: it was neither the best place nor the best attitude to reflect God.

But if we think about it divinely, it is logical, because he came to humble himself and display His Love in excess.

He came to talk to us about that great Love, not with beautiful and poetic words, but with actions. And no one beats God in His Love. As this meditation tells: He came to bring us the greatest gifts we could receive and he is already among us /

But we could have asked ourselves: that is good, but God cannot suffer. Could God suffer for our Love? Will He love us enough to have a hard time for us?

Love is measured with sacrifice

Therefore, hearing the Child cry is the best of melodies, sweet music, better than that of the Angels. A human song made by God himself: to suffer he does not send messengers, he came himself .

When Baby Jesus cried it was the best of melodies, a heavenly music superior to Angels. This human song, expressed by God himself, resonates as an invitation to understand that love is measured through sacrifice.

They say that the greatest honor that God gives a soul is not to give it much, but to ask it for a lot. This is the logic of the Holy Spirit, of the Love of the Trinity: he asks us why he wants to listen to our hearts. That is what the Lord does with all those he treats as saints. God gives himself completely and those around him give everything: the closer we are to God, the more we will have to give.

Give what he asks of us, what it costs us at each moment, that which may not seem very logical for his triumph, for the proper functioning of his reign: perhaps what with human eyes makes us rebel because it is impractical, that is what that the Lord often asks of us…

He asks us, because he never forces us: what he seeks is our love: that is what is truly effective. This is what makes us saints with the Love of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.

You can’t talk on the eve of His birth

On Christmas Eve, God, who comes to speak, initially chooses silence. His way of communicating is through facts, surprising the wise and challenging human expectations: no one expected him to come through the door of humility, poverty of spirit. Nobody thought he was God.

What must be done to be docile to God’s will and quickly adapt to his plans?

Have the mentality of a needy being, of a child; the Lord graphically said: “become as little children.” God wanted to pass through here, so, speaking silently and silencing the wise, he baffles human experience.

Christmas arrived and, with it, the possibility of contemplating the scene of Bethlehem as if it were the first time. Let us all look in the same direction at this Child who has so much to teach us from that throne of royalty, which is the Manger, as this meditation tells us

Father Juan Carlos Vásconez

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