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The Diocese of Daule welcomed the IEC 2024 symbol with great joy

Daule, June 6, 2024

Editor: María Auxiliadora Casquete

The Diocese of Daule was filled with faith and enthusiasm last May 27 when it received the Gospel of the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC 2024) in the San Alberto Magno Parish. With a solemn Eucharist, presided over by Bishop Cristóbal Kudlawiec, Bishop of the Diocese of Daule, the beginning of the journey of the IEC 2024 symbol was marked.

The Evangeliary toured the four pastoral zones of the Diocese of Daule, starting in the Eastern zone with visits to the San Alberto Magno Parish, located in the La Aurora satellite parish, and the Santa Marianita Parish, in the Salitre canton.

Then he went to the Western area, visiting the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, in the Pedro Carbo canton, and the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Parish, in the Lomas de Sargentillo canton, where the meaning of the 53rd International Eucharistic Congress was shared with children and young people. of an educational institution of the Diocese.

On the fifth day, the Gospel arrived in the Central area, being received at the Santísima Trinidad Parish, in the Nobol canton, where he was welcomed by the students of the “Narcisa de Jesús” Diocesan Educational Unit. Later, he was taken to the Señor de los Milagros Cathedral, in the Daule canton, headquarters of the Diocese, where the Rev. Father Rodolfo Soledispa, Vicar General, received him along with the entire parishioner with great enthusiasm.

During his stay in Daule, the Evangeliary also visited the San Francisco de Asís Parish and the Santa Clara de Asís Monastery, being warmly received by the sisters who reside there.

The Santa Rosa de Lima parishes of the Colimes and Santa Lucía canton were also reception points for the IEC 2024 symbol that invites people to prepare to live the Year of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to delve deeper into the mystery of the Eucharist, a source of unity and fraternal love. , capable of healing the wounds of the world.

The tour culminated on Thursday, June 6, in the northern area of ​​the jurisdiction, with visits to the Nuestra Señora de la Nube Parish, in the Balzar canton, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, in the El Empalme canton, where a solemn Eucharist was celebrated. , presided over by the Bishop of the Diocese of Daule, who during his homily delved into the meaning of the Gospel and called on the parishioners to ask for unity and peace in the world.

The Gospel Book, loaded with symbolism and spiritual meaning, has left a deep mark on each community that had the privilege of receiving it. Beyond being a liturgical symbol, it represents the living presence of Christ among us and reminds us of the call to live in communion and fraternity.

Bishop Cristóbal Kudlawiec, Bishop of the Diocese of Daule, expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to making this journey of the Gospels possible, highlighting the commitment and devotion of the Catholic community of the jurisdiction.


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