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Guayaquil hosts the symbol of the International Eucharistic Congress 2024

Quito, May 27
Editor: Steven Pincay

Guayaquil, (SCAG).- The Gospel of the International Eucharistic Congress 2024 (IEC 2024) toured the Archdiocese of Guayaquil after passing through the Diocese of Santa Elena. This symbol began its pilgrimage on April 21 until May 26; visiting 28 parishes, 7 educational units and 2 health centers of the “Pearl of the Pacific”.

In the Cathedral of Santa Elena, Fr. José Manuel Delgado was in charge of receiving the Gospel from Fr. Juan Jesús Martín. The Nuestra Señora de la Alborada sanctuary parish was the first to receive this symbol; following his tour of the North Vicariate “Saint John Paul II” in the churches of San Miguel Arcángel, Ángel de la Guarda, Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús de Entre Ríos and Nuestra Señora de Czestochowa.

The Vía a la Costa “San Pablo VI” Vicariate was the next to house the Evangeliary; where he visited the María Reina and San Andrés Apóstol parishes from April 27 to 30. The churches of Our Lady of the Consolata; Mary, Queen of Carmen, Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Baptism of the Lord received this symbol in the Northwest Vicariate “San Juan XXIII.

The parishioners of the parishes of San José de las Malvinas, San Juan de la Cruz, Santa Marianita de Jesús; Mary Magdalene and Saint Vincent Ferrer were happy to know the Gospel Book blessed by Pope Francis. After his pilgrimage through the south of Guayaquil, his path continued towards the newly created Vía a Daule “Santa Narcisa de Jesús” vicariate; visiting the churches of San Juan Bautista de Pascuales, Santo Tomás de Aquinas, Jesús El Buen Pastor, María Inmaculada Eucharística and Madre Admirable.

The San Josemaría Escrivá and Bernardino Echeverría schools; The Dolores Sopeña, San Juan Bosco, Santos Joaquín and Santa Ana, La Consolata and Sagrada Familia schools had the opportunity for their students to learn about the Eucharistic Congress and the devotion to the Heart of Jesus. The Gospel Book was a source of words of eternal life for the patients of the Madre Berenice Hospital and the San Josemaría Medical Center.

The churches of Santa Teresita on the Isla Trinitaria, the Santuario Cristo del Consuelo, Nuestra Señora de Fátima, San Vicente de Paúl and Cristo Rey in the southwest of Guayaquil received joy from the Gospel and renewed their consecration to the Heart of Jesus.His long journey culminated on May 26, after visiting the temple of San Francisco and the Metropolitan Cathedral in the center of Guayaquil.

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