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The Plenary Assembly of the Ecuadorian Episcopate Promotes the Path to the 53rd International Eucharistic Congress.

Quito, November 10.

During the week of November 6th to 10th of 2023, the 154th Plenary Assembly of the Ecuadorian Episcopate marked a significant milestone by bringing together the heads of dioceses from across the country to discuss and reflect on crucial issues affecting the Church in Ecuador .

On Friday, the presentation of the progress of the 53rd International Eucharistic Congress IEC 2024 stood out, a transcendental event that has captured the attention and commitment of the Ecuadorian Episcopate. During this assembly, members received detailed reports illustrating the significant progress made so far in the preparation and organization of the Congress.

The presentation of the current status of IEC 2024 was not only an informative report, but also an opportunity for reflection. Those present actively participated, discussing and proposing improvements that will contribute to the consolidation of an event that will strengthen the faith of the Catholic community and leave a lasting positive impact on Ecuadorian society.

This Congress will represent a significant milestone for the Church in Ecuador, and the commitment and continued support of the Ecuadorian Episcopate are essential. The Plenary Assembly of the Ecuadorian Episcopate reaffirms its commitment to the organization of IEC 2024 and its desire to contribute to the spiritual growth of the faithful. The collaboration between the Ecuadorian Episcopate and the Congress organization demonstrates the unity and determination to offer the Catholic community an enriching and significant experience.

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