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Comprehensive Preparation on the road to the 53rd International Eucharistic Congress: Virtual Training and Pastoral Commitment

In a continued effort to strengthen the participation and preparation of the Catholic community for the upcoming 53rd International Eucharistic Congress (IEC 2024), a series of virtual trainings aimed at the laity have been carried out, broadcast through the official account of IEC2024QUITO Facebook account.

In recent weeks, these training sessions have addressed crucial topics that contribute significantly to the preparation and understanding of IEC 2024. Guidance and reflection have been provided on fundamental topics, including: Celebrating a Eucharistic Congress today, exploring the current relevance of this event; IEC2024 materials: How do we live the Holy Mass?, entering into the Eucharistic experience; Eucharistic Heart of the Church, highlighting the central role of the Eucharist in the life of the Church; and Face to Face (Youth Eucharistic Adoration)”, promoting the participation of young people in Eucharistic adoration.

In addition to these central topics, valuable knowledge has been shared about navigation on the congress website and on the IEC2024 social media, as well as the presentation of other pastoral subsidies such as the Christmas novena Jesús Pan Vivo Bajado del Cielo (Jesus Living Bread Come down from Heaven) and information relevant on the official IEC2024 store.

In this same context of preparation, a series of training sessions aimed at the Archdiocesan Council of Laity (CAL) have been carried out recently: on November 11, 18 and 25th. These sessions have been enriching and have covered comprehensive aspects that strengthen CAL’s understanding and commitment with the upcoming congress. It has delved into topics ranging from the history of Eucharistic congresses, highlighting that the first National Eucharistic Congress was held in Quito, to the detailed explanation of pastoral subsidies and their relationship with specific liturgical times.

The training sessions also included the presentation of the Base Document, a vision of the pastoral roadmap for the symposium to be held in 2024, the detailed presentation of the website and social media of the Eucharistic Congress, the event schedule and the pastoral commitments and initiatives.

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