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The Caravan of Fraternity visited the province of Chimborazo

Riobamba, May 30, 2024
Editor: María José Casco

This Thursday, May 30, the Caravan of Fraternity arrived in the Diocese of Riobamba to continue the socialization of IEC 2024.

The meeting was held at the Fiscomisional PCEI Educational Unit (People with Unfinished Schooling) of Chimborazo, in the city of Riobamba. Its principal Gonzalo Guerrero welcomed the members of the Caravan of Fraternity, who presented the Base Document of the Congress to the representatives of the pastoral area and the teachers of the different educational units of the jurisdiction.

The President of the Ecuadorian Confederation of Catholic Education Establishments (Confedec), Rómulo López, invited everyone to join and participate in the International Eucharistic Congress, highlighting the importance of love for God and the centrality of the Eucharist. “I am convinced that you, young people, can find that inner and communal silence to be before the Lord, worship him and experience his great love for each of us.”

At the meeting, the President of the Communication Commission of the IEC 2024, Fr. Livingston Olivares, invited teachers and young people to spread the Eucharistic and fraternity message present in the Base Document of the Congress. During his intervention, he pointed out that the Eucharist strengthens community ties and renews the commitment to live in harmony and mutual service.

The members of the IEC 2024 Communication Commission, María José Casco, Community Manager; Paul Lamiña, Technical Secretary; and Adriana Naranjo, Marketing Coordinator, explained the importance of Pope Francis’ election for Quito to host the 53rd International Eucharistic Congress. In addition, they presented the informative content on the official website, social networks and the IEC2024 study content to socialize with young people and children.

The rector of the PCEI Fiscomisional Educational Unit, Gonzalo Guerrero, highlighted the importance of taking members of the IEC 2024 to the province: “In the province of Chimborazo we have shared the vision of ‘Fraternity to heal the world’ with every teacher. It is essential to talk about brotherhood so that this message is spread in all jurisdictions of the country.”

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