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Diocesan Delegates meet for comprehensive preparation of IEC 2024

Machala, April 24, 2024

At the meeting of Heads of Diocesan Commissions: Youth Ministry, Catechetical Ministry, Human Rights, Base Ecclesial Communities, Missionary Works, Social Pastoral Caritas and with the Vicar of Clergy and Pastoral have made a unanimous decision to dedicate the next Assembly of Agents of Pastoral of May 8 exclusively to the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC).

This assembly, which will take place at the La Susaya Coexistence House, in the city of Piñas, will have the participation of diocesan delegations, religious women, priests and the Titular Bishops Vicente Saeteros and the emeritus Monsignor Ángel Polivio Sánchez will be invited. The meeting will focus on the dissertation, analysis and reflection of the IEC base document, with the aim of preparing leaders and communities for the international event.

This event represents a crucial moment in the spiritual and logistical preparation for the International Eucharistic Congress, emphasizing the importance of active and conscious participation of all communities in the dissemination of the values ​​and teachings of the congress. Collaboration between the various commissions and ecclesiastics is essential to ensure that the message of the Congress resonates at all levels of the Orense community. We look forward to the company of the national leaders of IEC2024.

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