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The Diocese of Machala was formed around the Base Document of the IEC 2024

Machala, May 10, 2024

Writing and collaboration: Fr. Héctor Jacinto Pesantez Atiencia and Ximena Estrella

Around the Diocesan Assembly of Pastoral Agents of the Diocese of Machala held in the city of Piñas-Susaya, on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, after listening to the message of Bishop Vicente Saeteros Sierra on the service of parish priests , Father Jonny Chuya introduced Father Livingston Olivares Rosado, President of the Communication Commission of the IEC 2024, who traveled from the city of Quito, to transmit to us his knowledge about the Eucharistic Congress and the Base Document “Fraternity to Heal the World ”.

The Assembly began with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel, and the Hymn and prayer for the Congress were taken into account. Then he moved to the Susaya auditorium to give way to the topic of the day.

Father Olivares, after giving a brief historical overview of the International Eucharistic Congresses, highlighted the 2024 Congress in the city of Quito, which did not take into account the problems of the Ecuadorian reality of poverty or deaths because it had already been brewing since much more before it was done in our country, that is why he highlighted that it is the work of the Holy Spirit, likewise it is an opportunity to make Jesus Sacramented known through the different devotions and in the Eucharists. He emphasized: “Celebrating the Eucharist is not an act of fulfillment or a feeling, but it is a challenge of faith. What do we do for the participation of the laity in the Eucharist? We must motivate and form them because the Eucharist is the centrality of faith. We must go out and face the challenges of society. We must always choose Jesus every day.”

On the Base Document “Fraternity to heal the world” he highlighted all the points of the scheme (1. A wounded fraternity 2. Fraternity realized in Christ; 3. Fraternity to heal the world and; Conclusion Eucharist: a psalm of fraternity), and He stopped more than once at biblical quotations. For example, he cited “Give them something to eat” (Lk 9, 13), numeral 41, about the reality of Ecuador: “The healing action of Christ on the world faces the dramatic realities of our history, in which violence widespread has turned us all into victims and executioners at the same time”, the high crime in prisons and streets, worsening with more violence in recent years. In the same way it can be said about poverty, unemployment. But without being oblivious to this problem, there is awareness of “real redemption” in the heart of human beings.

He made us work in groups made up of the four Episcopal Vicariates with the following questions: What Eucharistic practices can be created and promoted by the Diocese? What devotions should be encouraged? Despite a varied response, it was concluded that, at the level of the Diocese of Machala, to prepare a Diocesan Brochure for the adorations of the Blessed Sacrament in the Jubilee of 40 hours of Adoration, First Friday Adoration, Eucharistic Thursday Adoration, Corpus Christi and promote Adoration to the Most Holy of children and young people of catechesis. The Jubilee of 40 hours begins on Thursday, May 30 and ends on June 2 with the Corpus Christi festival.

We are grateful for the selfless and generous response of Father Olivares towards our Diocese, and to all the commissions that are formed for the Congress, especially the Communication Commission, which through the Father taught us the topic requested by the Pastoral Agents of the Diocese of Machala.

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