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From Spain, in sanctuaries and places of Catholic veneration, people pray for the intention of the 53rd International Eucharistic Congress – AND Celam

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The 53rd International Eucharistic Congress (IEC 2024) received the support of several prelates and priests in Spain, who were present with their greetings and good wishes for the success of this special event that will take place from September 8 to 15 at the city ​​of Quito – Ecuador.

The representatives of the metropolitan cathedrals of Madrid, Burgos and Barcelona, ​​as well as in the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, united with their prayer, so that the 53rd International Eucharistic Congress contributes spiritually to the construction of the fraternity that the world requires , as well as to heal the wounds that affect society.

The initiative of the Congress, which was welcomed with joy and well received in Spain, arrived there, thanks to the presence of a delegate of this ecclesial event, who after a brief presentation left in each place visited, a mini kit of materials that contained a copy of the IEC 2024 Base document, triptychs with information, a small candle and a pen with the logo of the International Eucharistic Congress

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