Mother of Jesus, who is God(‘s)

If we do not understand that Mary is the mother of God, then it is very easy to fall into the Nestorian type of heresy. That Jesus was simply a man that God used. Or that God used Mary’s humanity to gave birth to a child.

Saint Josemaría reminded us that the divine Motherhood of Mary is the root of all the perfections and privileges that adorn her. By that title, she was conceived immaculate and is full of grace, she is always a virgin, she ascended body and soul to heaven, she has been crowned Queen of the entire creation, above the angels and saints. More than Her, only God.

Since the Blessed Virgin is the Mother of God, her dignity is somewhat infinite, because God’s good is infinite. There is no danger of overdoing it. We will never delve deeply enough into this ineffable mystery. We can never thank Our Mother enough for this familiarity that she has given us with the Blessed Trinity.

It is important to consider that the same Divine Word that was in the bosom of the Father outside of time, was later in the womb and in the arms of his mother, in time. The same person who walked the one whom the angels adored in Bethlehem on the first Christmas. The same one who sat at table with the publicans and whom the cherubim followed and revered. Exactly the same as when Pilate condemned him, the entire creation trembled.

That Jesus is God and he is the son of Mary

Christians have always seen our Mother the Virgin Mary as someone very special. As this meditation tells us to progress in love for the Mother of God, the writings of Saint Bernard become an indispensable source of truth. He composed the final words of the Salve: “Oh clement, oh pious, oh sweet Virgin Mary.” And he repeated the beautiful prayer that says: “Remember, Oh Holy Mother, that it has never been heard that anyone has come to You without receiving Your help.”

Father Juan Carlos Vásconez

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