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For Christmas

It is a day to be happy, the liturgy of the Church sings Gloria: Glory to God in Heaven, and on earth peace to men. They are the words that the shepherds heard from the angels.

Do not be afraid, for I come to announce to you a great joy: Today the Savior, who is the Christ, the Lord, has been born to you in the city of David.

Like the shepherds, we are encouraged to seek Christ with enthusiasm, since joy gives wings and haste to find the Lord is essential.

God chooses shepherds and fishermen, people of good will, emphasizing that he does not require extraordinary abilities.

This Christmas, let us remember that the greatest gift is the love of God incarnated in Jesus Christ, a gift that invites us to respond with gratitude and share that love with others. May the joy of this day encourage us to live with enthusiasm and good will, being instruments of peace and love in the world. Glory to God in Heaven and on earth, peace to men of good will!

Mary and Joseph, seeing the Child, would be thinking the same thing: he is God and he is crying, he is here for love of men…

Father Juan Carlos Vásconez

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